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23rd cohort of leaders commences in the Kimberley

15 August 2016

A brand new cohort of established leaders are heading for the remote Kimberley region to commence the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP). This is the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s iconic, national leadership development experience customised for rural, regional and remote leaders.

Thirty one leaders from diverse industries, backgrounds and locations across Australia will undertake their first ARLP session in the Kimberley from 8-20 August. This component’s core focus is on understanding of self, relative to, and respectful of others. It provides the basis for each cohort to collaborate, developing critical thinking, constructive leadership and becoming future-minded agents for change.

“This session is the one that helps forge relationships among these leaders for the rest of the program, as they prepare to develop the capabilities they are going to need to lead in their industries and communities,” Manager, Leadership Programs, Graham Smith said.

“The Kimberley location is important, as it separates away distractions and the technology we’re so often hooked to in day-to-day life, and gets our leaders exploring personal values, leadership attributes and team work,” he said.

Course 23 of the ARLP is a 54 day leadership development program, delivered in six sessions over 15 months. Four of these sessions take place in locations in Australia, with one online component and one session will take place in Indonesia.

Foundation CEO, Matt Linnegar, remembers his own experience beginning the ARLP in the Kimberley back in 2000.

“The whole program is carefully designed to provide a breadth of experiences and contexts to help our participants become even more focused and effective wherever they lead,” Matt said.

“It is very important that our sessions are a mix of rural, regional, remote, urban and of course, International settings. The Kimberley is a very special location that makes a lasting impact on our ARLP leaders.”

Much of the outdoor, experiential component of the Kimberley session will be delivered by Outback Initiatives, and participants will engage with local Indigenous communities.