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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders arrive in Canberra for inspiring program

11 September 2017

Twenty-Four Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders from across Australia will undertake their final session and graduate from the inspiring National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program (NATSILP) in Canberra this week.

The NATSILP was designed by Indigenous people to develop leaders for the future. The program supports a participant’s leadership aspirations by providing them with experiences to learn from other leaders and each other.

Scott Gorringe, the Program Director/Facilitator of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, said “Participants walk in the footsteps of remarkable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders. They connect with the leadership capacity of our past, and remember and learn from their stories to set a way forward into the future.”

“These 24 leaders have already completed one session in either Shepparton or Cairns, and have come together in Canberra to further develop their understanding of themselves as leaders.”

“The participants have recognised the contribution of Sir Douglas Nicholls in Shepparton and Pat O’Shane in Cairns, connecting with their families and country makes this program unique and life-changing,” said Scott.

The participants will continue to recognise and meet, diverse and influential Indigenous leaders throughout Canberra this week, before graduating on Thursday night.

“The participants have begun to co-create robust conversations that will engage significant shifts across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander landscape,” said Scott.

This is the first year of the NATSILP with over 50 people graduating from the four programs delivered by the Foundation. This initiative is supported/funded by the Australian Government.


For more information about the program, see National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program

Watch a video of the program in Dubbo,