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Agribusiness Leadership Program makes an impact

27 June 2016

Fifteen leaders from 11 agribusiness organisations have graduated from the Foundation’s inaugural Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program. This highly engaged cohort of agribusiness leaders from around Australia experienced their final program session from 20-24 June 2016 in Sydney.

“The key to the success of AALP has been combining immersive learning with real leaders in the sector and the power of a shared experience for leaders from different organisations,” Foundation CEO Matt Linnegar said.

AALP participants experienced an informative tour of the Sydney Fish Market where the cohort learnt about the Dutch auction system and listened to an honest discussion of leadership with Bryan Skepper, General Manager, Sydney Fish Market and Fellow of the Foundation’s TRAILblazers program.

The cohort also visited Syngenta Australia to discuss leading change in Australian and global agriculture. Here they gained honest insights into the workings and leadership of a 27,000-employee organisation.

The Foundation would like to thank Steve Hannan and Westpac in Sydney, where the AALP group were also immersed. Our thanks also to Alison Penfold, Troy Setter and Andrew Metcalfe.

The ARLF are grateful for the support of Alumni and Directors in delivering the program sessions, including: Mick Keogh, Paul Ford, Juli Rynski, Anna Speer, Bryan Skepper and Rob Hadler.

The Foundation greatly appreciates the participation of numerous agribusinesses for providing generous access and insights into their organisations.

The AALP commenced in Melbourne in April 2016, engaging the fifteen participants with a diverse range of immersive learning and taking them across Eastern Victoria. It also involved a flexible online learning module, which took place in May.

The ARLF is partnering with Elders Ltd; Consolidated Pastoral Company; GrainGrowers Ltd; Syngenta; Bega Cheese; Hassad Australia; PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia; NSW Department of Primary Industries; NT Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and Westpac to deliver the first national program of its kind.

Participants came from QLD, NSW, NT, SA, WA, VIC & ACT, and throughout the program they have engaged with experienced leaders from within the agribusiness sector and other sectors.

The program delved into the theory and practice of leadership and especially skills of reflective learning, and delivered insights into leading self and leading others with the goal of ongoing leadership development for the Agribusiness sector.

Participants undertook site visits and built insightful discussions on collaboration and collegiality. This factor was vital, and from the beginning of the AALP, participants identified a collective initiative to working on over session 2 and finalise in session 3 in Sydney.

“As a participant, the learnings already are so powerful personally and professionaly. Thanks to the ARLF and GrainGrowers,” Andrew Christian of GrainGrowers, said.

“Program participants working together on initiatives focused on the greater good of the sector has been eye-opening for them and the program has already demonstrated benefits back to both participating organisations and Australian agribusiness more broadly,” Matt Linnegar said.