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ARLF Assist

25 May 2020

Please donate to ARLF Assist, an initiative to assist leadership program participants experiencing financial hardship.

ARLF Assist will help Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) and Milparanga program participants who are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to make their personal contribution payment. For ARLP participants that’s $5,500 and for Milparanga, our leadership program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it’s $220.

It will also be made available to eligible TRAIL participants who need assistance with their program travel costs.

If you’ve been thinking about lending a hand by making a donation to the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, now is the time to do it.

Your donation will support strong leaders in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Gifts over $2 are deductible for taxation purposes.

Visit our donation page to support ARLF Assist