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Australians travel to Indonesia as part of leadership program

15 May 2017

Thirty-six leaders from throughout rural, regional and remote Australia arrived in Indonesia on 13 May 2017, to spend two weeks experiencing Java and Sumatra from a leadership development perspective.

The trip is part of the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP), a 15-month program which develops people by providing them with experiences to develop as leaders on a personal level, and within community, regional, national and international contexts.

Graham Smith, Program Facilitator, said Indonesia was chosen for its unique capability to challenge our thinking on leadership, and in recognition of its growing strategic importance to rural, regional and remote Australia.

“The study tour will provide a very real leadership development experience for the Course participants. Participants will also have opportunities to build a range of professional contacts and ties of friendship during the Study Tour, and gain new and different perspectives by experiencing contrasting social, cultural and economic conditions,” said Graham.

“We thank the Australian Embassy in Indonesia and many Indonesian individuals and organisations, including Padjadjaran University for helping us develop this challenging international experiential session”.

ARLP Course 23 participant Rebecca Lomman is looking forward to the Indonesian study tour.

“During the ARLP, we’ve been exposed to a diverse range of leadership experiences over the past nine months within Australia,” said Rebecca.

“Now we are being asked to extend this learning to an international context within a very different culture to our own”.

Rebecca is based in St George Qld, works in regional economic development and is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to undertake the program.

Matt Linnegar, Chief Executive of the Foundation, plans for this international session to be the third tour of at least five Indonesian study tours by the ARLP.

“This visit to Indonesia will be a highlight for our leaders of Course 23. It is a crucial experience that will add to their insights and capabilities as they complete the ARLP and prepare to continue making a positive difference through excellent leadership in their industries and communities,” said Matt.