Brianna Casey

Brianna is the CEO of Foodbank Australia, the country’s largest hunger relief organisation. In this role, she is proud to be tackling both food insecurity and food waste not only in Australia, but also across the world through her involvement with the Global Foodbanking Network.

Brianna joined Foodbank in July 2016 following her successful term as CEO of Australian Childcare Alliance NSW, where she championed the rights of families to be able to access quality early childhood education and care. Prior to that, she spent 14 years in agri-politics, as a Policy Director at NSW Farmers and as CEO of Queensland Farmers’ Federation.

She’s a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program, Course 10, an unashamed ‘agvocate’ and recently received a Pro Bono Australia Impact 25 Award in recognition of her impact in the social sector.

Brianna is a mum to two sports-mad boys, so on weekends and most week nights, you can find her at soccer, futsal, cricket or Little Athletics, where she isn’t so good at sitting still, or keeping quiet!

And if you work out of home and you have primary school aged children, you’ll know how important it is to have fabulous before and after school care, so Brianna has also spent the last 7 years playing various roles on this committee at her youngest son’s school.

She’s a keen baker, appalling cyclist and firmly believes life’s too short for bad coffee.

We look forward to welcoming Brianna to the panel to discuss her experience with ARLF and her time on program.