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Congratulations Philippa Woodhill

2 August 2021

At the ARLF, we talk about leadership being an act of service, service for the greater good, service to rural, regional and remote Australia.

This week we recognise and celebrate the service of one of our team. Philippa Woodhill, Director, Partnerships clocks up 15 years at the ARLF this week and we are extremely proud and honoured to be celebrating this milestone with her. Philippa’s commitment to her job, her team, the ARLF, its vision and the communities that we work for is unwavering and her contribution over the last 15 years is immeasurable.

Philippa is a people person in the truest sense. She cares about people, her network is extraordinary, no one has the same recall of participants and partners as she does. This is not due to any particularly enhanced recall skills but due to her genuine interest in the people and organsiations she has connected and worked with.

For a significant part of her time at the ARLF, Philippa has overseen our partnerships, taking stewardship of funder recruitment and relationships. Her commitment to these relationships and drive in securing and diversifying program funding has seen a significant shift in the number of people who have been able to complete our programs as well as the diversity within that pool of participants. Equality of access to our programs for participants of all backgrounds is a tightly held value with which she operates. She always shows persistent courage and determination to push for equality and representation.

This also translates to her persistence and dedication in securing funding for programs. From the Milparanga Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program to the recent Drought Resilience Leaders Program, Philippa never hesitates to go above and beyond in her efforts to securing funding.

Anyone who has worked for or with Philippa will absolutely tell you of her strength and support as a teammate and manager. Philippa is a champion for those that she works with, supporting others around her to be their best, challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones. She genuinely cares for her colleagues and seeks to understand the strengths and skills of those around her to enable them to shine.

We would also like to acknowledge Philippa’s family, her husband Jeremy and their children because as so many of you know, her service is also theirs.

So bravo Philippa!  Take a moment to reflect on the enormous achievements of the last 15 years and then back into it, because as anyone who knows you can attest, you aren’t even close to being done yet!