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Course 25 kicks off in the Kimberely

20 August 2018

Thirty Australian leaders from diverse industries, communities and backgrounds undertook their first session of the iconic program from 23 July to 4 August 2018. The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) is a 15-month program which takes place over five sessions, across Australia and Asia.

The participants kicked off the ARLP journey in Darwin. Here they got to meet one another, staff from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and some enthusiastic sponsors.

With all the resources they needed, the group then ventured to the Kimberley region in WA. Here the participants were challenged by a series of activities in various contexts. Their experiences included whole group, small team and solo activities in some of the most remote regions of Australia, and under the cultural guidance of local Aboriginal community representatives.

The program is designed to encourage them to understand more about themselves and others, and to accelerate the development of their applied leadership behaviours and skills. The remoteness of the Kimberley actively removed the participants from the distractions of their everyday work and lives.

‘The experience in the Kimberley was very intense and unforgettable! The landscape, the activities, the organisers, the mates, the facilitators, The people… I remember every detail in a lovely way,’ Jack Kepa sponsored by the Torres Strait Regional Authority.

This temporary isolation enabled them to reflect deeply on their current and future roles and values as leaders in their community, industry and regions. Underpinning the session was the Foundation’s philosophy that leadership development is an ongoing process which can be accelerated by powerful shared experiences.

The basis of the program is a recurring cycle of Do, Reflect, Plan and Apply, and a constant assessment of values and principles and how to apply these in real contexts.

The Kimberley session provided situations for participants to build on their professional and personal experiences and to strive for the greater good of regional, rural and remote Australia. The success and effectiveness of the ARLP, and especially the first intensive session is attributable to not only the course participants, but also to their families, work colleagues and their sponsors.

As the ARLP enters its 26th year, it is evident that the Kimberley session and its inherent processes are an integral part of the program.

‘The expansive Kimberley and the experience of ARLP reinvigorated my resolve to bring regional stories to the forefront,’ Bec Bignell sponsored by Telstra.

Experience. Reflect. Develop. Influence.

The next ARLP Course 25 session will take place in Toowoomba, QLD from 17-23 November 2018.

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