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First Alumni Scholarship Awarded

4 June 2018

This year we awarded the first ever Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) Alumni Scholarship to Yola Bakker from Tom Price, WA. From performing arts to real estate, the consular corps to environmental impact, Yola has a diverse background and hopes to be the change that she wishes to see in the world.

The Alumni Scholarship has been funded by donations from our alumni. Our intent is for this scholarship to offer annual places on our programs to talented candidates.

Yola’s story

My name is Yola Bakker and I live in Tom Price in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. I have been based in Tom Price since 2013 and live here with my family comprised of three daughters, a husband and dog.I applied for the ARLP because in order to effectively be in service of others I am constantly striving to achieve three things: balance, growth and perspective.

The ARLP represents the perfect opportunity for both personal and professional development across communities and demographics that are close to my heart.

When I received a call from Matt Linnegar with the news that I had been selected for the Alumni Scholarship ARLP. Elation and disbelief took me over for about
three days.

This ARLP Scholarship means a great deal to me, my family and the groups/organisations/committees that I am currently involved in. I feel it will give many of our projects the legs needed to actively and effectively build traction and move forward. It will enhance my connections and links vital to bridge some of the challenges brought about by isolation and remote living.

I hope to build my self-confidence and connections; be further inspired and create bridges into other remote communities – here and across the seas; become a better communicator, a better mother, a better learner, a better investor, a better thinker, a better entrepreneur, a better team member and a better leader.

I hope to be the change that I wish to see in the world by undertaking the work I believe I was created for and to contribute and create more across all areas of my life and what I do.

Donate to the Alumni Scholarship

Yola’s participation in the ARLP would not be possible without donations to the Alumni Scholarship and we want to continue to provide this opportunity for leaders in the future.

This is your opportunity to give another rural, regional and remote leader, like Yola, a chance to achieve their leadership aspirations.

You will not only impact the life of Yola and other Alumni Scholarship recipients but also their communities and industries where they are working for the greater good of Australia.

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