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Five reasons to apply for a regional leadership program

22 February 2022

Giving up a couple of days or even a week of your time at work and away from the family to attend a leadership development program can be a tough choice. As part of our internal cost-benefit analysis we end up asking ourselves whether we have enough time and whether what we get out of it will be worth it or not.

Here are five reasons to invest the time and apply:

  1. Do it for your community. If you can see what’s holding your community back and have ideas on what can be done to propel it forward, don’t keep this to yourself. Helping others is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. You will learn how to connect and mobilise others to help get your ideas off the ground.
  2. Grow your network. You’ll not just join a network of local people who want to make your region a great place to live, you’ll join a network of 1,700 people from all over Australia.
  3. Learn new skills. Our perceptions of leadership are often rooted in its most traditional forms of hierarchy and authority. But this is not what leadership is about. You can practise leadership from wherever you are. By learning to communicate effectively and collaborating with people that may be very different to yourself, you can create change and positive outcomes for yourself and others.
  4. Change your mindset. Through challenge-based learning you will immerse yourself in an experience that may change the way you look at yourself and others. You’ll learn to take risks, experiment and have the courage to speak for yourself and the skills to listen to others.
  5. Do it for the next generation. Do you want to see your children or grandchildren live and thrive in the region? The opportunities and community you create today are the benchmark for their tomorrow.

Still not convinced? We all process information differently and some of us need more detail to make a decision than others. Our team is always happy to help with further questions.