Gala 2019 – Request for Impact Stories

At this year’s ARLF Annual Gala Dinner in October, we will be celebrating the theme ‘People are the Difference’ and we invite you to share your stories of leadership, change, success and impact. 

For over 26 years the ARLF has been delivering leadership programs to influence change across organisations, industry and communities for the greater good of rural, regional and remote Australia.

We are looking to capture your stories, celebrate your success and understand how your time with the ARLF impacted you on your leadership journey. Please be assured we will present your story tastefully and professionally in a visual format for everyone at the dinner to enjoy. (* ie. not projected onto the ‘big screen’!)

What we need:

  • High res photo of you in your environment (preferably from waist up, in portrait not landscape) eg. In your community, in your workplace, on your property etc.
  • Short answers to these 5 questions…
  1. What does leadership look like to you?
  2. How did your ARLF experience influence / impact you?
  3. What needs to happen for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia to prosper?
  4. Any milestones to note? Eg. Awards / promotions /  community acknowledgement etc.
  5. How has the ARLF alumni network supported you?

Please send your responses to

*Note: we may not be in a position to use all submissions