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Host a table conversation

23 June 2020

2020 has caused great disruption from global proportions to that on regions, community, industry and to something that is quite personal. This provides us all an opportunity to reflect, reframe and exercise collaborative and networked leadership beyond our current contribution.

‘We cannot move forward to a better post-corona world without making hard choices about the kind of Australia we want for the future’. Bernard Salt AM, The Weekend Australian Magazine 13/6/20, pg 27

It is time for the ARLF network, our network, built over nearly three decades across the country including many sectors and jurisdictions to lead a series of table conversations. We invite YOU to host a kitchen table conversation of 5 – 10 people within your own industry, workplace or region. It is on each of us to step up, and lead.

We aim to cultivate and convene multiple perspectives and backgrounds from across our network, to generate a narrative like it hasn’t been told before. The ARLF team will collate your responses, identify any themes and report back to you.

Our invitation to you:

Host a Table Conversation in your region/community/workplace before 31 July, to answer the following:

  1. What do we want for rural regional and remote Australia?
  2. What do we need to do, to take hold of these opportunities?

What are your tasks:

  1. Download the Table Conversation template here
  2. Choose your guests (usual suspects and those not so, are all perfect guests)
  3. Set a time/location (face to face or online) and share the questions prior
  4. HOST YOUR TABLE. The specific detail of each Kitchen table meeting including attributions will remain within that Kitchen table group.
  5. Summarise key points from your discussion
  6. Report back either in the online form, template above or prepare a brief video/audio
  7. Share feedback with your Table guests and join in the ARLF webinars

What will the ARLF do:

  1. Set the invitation with question
  2. Collate all the responses
  3. Circulate the collective summary to all participants for your review. The broad themes/recommendations from each Kitchen Table will be shared within the Foundation and within the alumni network.
  4. Distil these broad themes from each Kitchen Table meeting into a set of network-wide themes/recommendations
  5. Host a webinar/s to highlight and address possible themes and outliers for further discussion
  6. Share the network themes /recommendations with the alumni network. They may also form the basis of ARLF contributions to public discourse about the future of rural, regional and remote Australia and the opportunities that may exist.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this Table initiative, please contact Matt Linnegar or Philippa Woodhill at the ARLF office on 02 6281 0680.

All completed Table summaries to be completed online or forwarded to Annette McCarthy, Coordinator Business Support at