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International Women’s Day 2019 – #BalanceforBetter

6 March 2019

At the Foundation we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 by reflecting on what #BalanceforBetter means to us.

Matt Linnegar – Chief Executive

As a son, brother, husband and father, I have a responsibility to support a gender-balanced world.

I want my daughter and my sons to know that in my professional and personal life, I support #BalanceforBetter.

Naomi Browne – Program Coordinator

On International Women’s Day I reflect on the progression towards gender equality and the ongoing work that needs to continue to achieve real change. As a young female in the workforce raising a son and daughter, my experience reflects the need for better balance in the workforce and the need to teach my children how to support achieving gender equality.

Philippa Woodhill – Director, Partnerships

#BalanceforBetter is for everyone to own, it starts in our conversations and interactions at home and with our families. I am blessed to be in a family, friendship circle and workplace that values diversity. It is together that all opportunity lies.

Graham Smith – Program Manager, ARLP

Isaac Newton gave the good advice that we see further if we stand on the shoulders of giants.

To achieve this aspiration, striving for balance, and working in cooperation (rather than competitively) have a proven track record.