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Invitation to Supply

12 May 2022

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is seeking interest from qualified and suitably resourced providers to be engaged in the provision of learning opportunities as part of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

In its 30th year, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation continues to develop and deliver a range of leadership programs across Australia. Unique to its Australian Rural Leadership Program is its immersive experiential approach to leadership development. More details can be found in the following document:

More Information

Interested parties may request a copy of the contract and associated governance documents. Should interested parties wish to discuss this opportunity further, please contact us to arrange a consultation session with our Learning Director. Please note, the consultation is subject to availability and limited to one hour. Requests for a consultation must be made before 29 June 2022.

For more information email kristyf@rural-leaders.org.au

Offer to supply

Complete this form in response to the invitation to supply and email it to kristyf@rural-leaders.org.au