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Leaders graduate from National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program

23 May 2017

Eleven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders graduated in Dubbo on 11 May from the first National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program (NATSILP).

Participants travelled from all over Australia to be part of the first of four programs being delivered across Australia by the Foundation this year.

The program takes participants for a walk in the footsteps of remarkable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders. NATSILP was designed by Indigenous people, including members of our alumni. Thank you to Waverley Stanley, Leann Wilson, Torres Webb, Charlie Kaddy, Lisa Lui, Melissa Fletcher, Ragina Rogers and Rohan Corpus for your contribution.

The participants travelled to Dubbo to walk in Pearl Gibbs footsteps, learning her story, then sharing stories and learning from each other.  Participants also were involved in a variety of leadership workshops facilitated by alumni and others. The graduates of the Gibbs NATSILP program are

  • Deon Allen
  • Shorna Dowling
  • Ebony Hickey
  • Sharron Jackson
  • Ellen Mosby
  • Kay Cecily Noah
  • Elizabeth Tailby
  • Craig Watson
  • Kalila Ross
  • Craig Everett
  • Krystal Hurst

Highlights of the program included:

  • Celebrating Pearl Gibbs’ life with members of her family and friends
  • Travelling to local Aboriginal historical sites with guide Peter Peckham
  • Hosting traditional peoples, the Tubbagah People of the Wiradjuri Nation
  • Visiting the local mural Pearl Gibbs in Dubbo
  • Taking part in a scavenger hunt across Dubbo

The second NATSILP commenced on 21 May in Shepparton, Victoria. This program takes place in recognition of Sir Douglas Ralph Nicholls (1906-1988).