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Leaders meet in Toowoomba and Brisbane

22 November 2017

Last week 33 leaders from all over Australia convened in Toowoomba and Brisbane for their second session of the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) Course 24.

This was the first time the group had met since their formative session in July and August 2017 which took place in the Kimberley, WA and Darwin, NT. The ARLP takes place over 15 months and involves five sessions in locations across Australia.

During the week, participants focussed on renewing and strengthening professional relationships, and enhancing their leadership skills.

The major highlight of the session was the attendance over two days, of the spouses, partners and other people closely involved in the course participants’ ARLP leadership journey.

A dinner to celebrate the connection and importance of family was held in Brisbane, with the Foundation’s Program Manager, Charlie Morrice, addressing the group.

Other highlights of the session included a number of powerful shared learning experiences, such as:

  • interactive working with the media workshops
  • a challenging introduction to Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicators
  • small group themed discussion dinners
  • individual leadership journey presentations.

Their next session will be a community and regional leadership case-study of Far North Queensland designed and delivered by ARLF alumni Murray Korff, Scott Davis, Helen Jenkins, Andrew Lui, Catrina Felton-Busch and Suzanne Andrews. It will run 10-16 February 2018.