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19 May 2021

Milparanga 8 focuses on learnings around the topics of Land Management and Caring for Country, History and Legacy and Gender.

In this session (26 April 2 2 May), 8.2 cohort participants reflected on the story of Eddie Koiki Mabo and his courageous fight for land rights; the history of Indigenous dispossession in Australia; the legal fiction of Terra Nullius; and the foundation of Australian land law.
A visit to Mungalla Station and the Nywaigi People – Mungalla Aboriginal Tours included Jacob Cassidy and his son Buddy welcoming the group to country, a smoking ceremony, Yidaki session, a tour of the station and history lesson about the Nywaigi people. The group enjoyed a Kup-Murri – a traditional Torres Strait Islander feasting ceremony – and workshopped culture themes.

On Orpheus Island, the group learned about climate change, the impact on the reef and coral bleaching, participated in a personal carbon footprint session and learned about the work of Reef Ecological and alumni Dr Adam Smith at the Orpheus Island Research Station – JCU Australia.

Snorkelling and mountain hikes fed thought provoking discussions and set the scene for each participant’s leadership presentation.

Session three will see participants from the 8.1 and 8.2 cohorts come together for session 8.3 on the Central Coast of NSW.