Milparanga Mentoring Program

The ARLF values the inclusion of mentoring as a learning and development practice for leadership and has created a framework and model for participants on program as well as at the request of clients.

Mentoring creates an important partnership where:

  • There is joint work to advance personal and professional goals
  • There is value added to each other’s work
  • New knowledge and insight are created
  • Collaboration in leadership is viewed as important
  • Diverse perspectives can enrich problem solving and innovation
  • Learning is active, interactive and relational
  • The engagement is voluntary
  • Experimentation can occur

Mentoring contributes to the development of the leadership practices of:

AWARENESS: By increasing the confidence of mentees to pose questions and challenges to mentors and to explore the ways in which their behaviour will support them to address their leadership choices and future actions. Mentees and mentors will creativity to flourish. The process also provides opportunities for the transfer of skills and knowledge in the relationship.

ADAPTATION: Through exposure to new ways of thinking, being and acting.  For both mentee and mentor, the process exposes new ideas and revelatory ways of thinking or problem solving. This can provide a ripe and rich opportunity for innovation and creativity to flourish. The process also provides opportunities for the transfer of skills and knowledge in the relationship.

AUTHENTICITY: Developing trust in relationships is a vital leadership attribute and can be strengthened in the mentoring relationship by sharing vulnerabilities, seeking genuine feedback listening to understand and engaging in the relationship with the intent to learn, rather than to know everything.

AFFILIATION: This is an opportunity to expand professional networks in sectors, industries and communities connected to rural, regional and remote Australia and to broaden and diversify the body of leadership practitioners in these areas.

ADVOCACY: Mentoring provides an opportunity to explore the passions and causes people are connected to and care deeply about, to shape leadership vision and to devise plans for how to get there with the benefit of the experience of another person.

ACTION: Mentoring has the power to accelerate our self-development, career progression, and overall confidence. It can provide a catalyst for change, to take decisive action and to seek to develop areas of knowledge, skills and self-awareness that have been identified in the mentoring sessions. People can be inspired to act, not because they have been told to do so, but because they want to and can see the benefits in this for themselves and others.


  • Mentees: Graduates of Milparanga 7 and current participants of Milparanga 8 due to graduate in June 2021
  • Mentors: ARLF Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alumni


The Milparanga Mentoring Program will run over 4 stages between July and October. View timeline calendar here.


To be considered for a Mentor role please complete the form here.

Please contact us for further information on 02 6281 0680 or email:

Grant Cameron – Program Manager

Naomi Jeffs – Program Coordinator