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October update from the Chief Executive

8 October 2021

As the Chief Executive, it has been my absolute privilege to spend some time with you, our alumni, in a virtual format known as a ‘Cuppa tea at 3’. This initiative provides an opportunity for the ARLF to connect with our alumni, usually in either program cohorts or sectoral/community groups. We get a unique opportunity to understand the lives and lived leadership of our alumni and it provides you with the opportunity to connect with each other and hear about some of the work of the ARLF.

In a world without COVID, the ARLF team and I would normally visit regions across the country to sit at your kitchen table for a chat over a cuppa. This has been difficult to achieve since March of last year. In recognition of this, a series of virtual and some face-to-face kitchen table conversations were held in 2020 hosted by 30 of our alumni.  These kitchen table conversations were followed by a larger webinar was held in March 2021. From this webinar, two key actions for the ARLF emerged.

  • Firstly, how can the ARLF work with others to enhance collaboration and support rural, regional and remote communities/ sectors to take greater control of their future and ensure diversity of participation in doing so?
  • Secondly how can the ARLF provide opportunities for alumni to pursue lifelong learning and to connect with each other

In addition to learning more about your story and leadership, we explore our responses to these two actions and what is happening from the ARLF perspective in response to the Cuppa tea at 3 sessions. We also touch on planned activities for our 30-year anniversary in 2022 and how you can get involved.

We are only in the early stages of what will be around 60 Cuppa tea at 3 conversations to be held between now and March 2022. If you haven’t been part of one of these conversations yet and would like to be, we encourage you to do so.

For further information please contact your new and very capable Alumni Engagement Manager Annette McCarthy.