Alumni Scholarship

Please donate to the ARLF Alumni Scholarship, also know as the Billy Can Fund

In 2018, we awarded the first ever Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) Alumni Scholarship to Yola Bakker from Tom Price, WA. From performing arts to real estate, the consular corps to environmental impact, Yola has a diverse background and hopes to be the change that she wishes to see in the world. Read Yola’s story.

The Alumni Scholarship has been funded by donations from our alumni. Our intent is for this scholarship to offer annual places on our programs to talented candidates.

Your donation will assist us to develop strong leaders in rural, regional and remote Australia – leaders who focus on the wellbeing and resilience of their communities and who form partnerships and networks to innovate and lead in their industries and regions. 

Gifts over $2 are deductible for taxation purposes.

Workplace Giving and Bequests

You can support our work by nominating the Foundation as the recipient of your regular workplace giving deductions or by including a charitable gift in your will.

Workplace Giving and Bequests

Donate to the Alumni Scholarship

Yola’s participation in the ARLP would not be possible without donations to the Alumni Scholarship and we want to continue to provide this opportunity for leaders in the future.

This is your opportunity to give another rural, regional and remote leader, like Yola, a chance to achieve their leadership aspirations.

You will not only impact the life of Yola and other Alumni Scholarship recipients but also their communities and industries where they are working for the greater good of Australia.