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Leadership development programs designed by and for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Are you 21 years old or older? Are you ready to make waves in your community and sharpen your leadership skills? The Milparanga Emerging Leadership Program is an immersive and culturally safe experience that helps shape you into a better communicator and leader.

Drive systemic change and join a network for Indigenous leaders

The Milparanga Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Development Program is non-accredited. Build leadership capabilities through challenging experiences that honour Indigenous knowledge systems, philosophies and cultural identity. Create a support and learning network with your fellow Indigenous leaders to drive systemic change.

The program is designed to give a further understanding of Country, awareness of self and others, truth-telling, culture and inclusion. You’ll build the confidence to be an advocate for social and positive change at a local, national and global level.

When can I apply?

8 Aug -3 Sept 2022

How much will it cost?

20 scholarships available

Network membership and administration fee AUD 220 (support available)

When does the program run?

6-13 October 2022

Where is it?

Cairns, North Queensland

Who can participate?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples aged 21 years old and over from anywhere in Australia and the Torres Strait.

Tap an emerging leader on the shoulder

Do you know an emerging leader in your community or field that would benefit from the Milparanga Emerging Leadership program? You can tap your family member, friend, or colleague on the shoulder for this program.

A 30-year history of developing leadership programs that develop courageous & authentic leaders.

The ARLF is here to build resilient regional, rural and remote communities. Our experience, along with the expertise of our partners, associates and alumni network, allows us to deliver tailored leadership development and mentoring for people living and working in rural, regional and remote communities.

Our vision is to build a national leadership network comprised of committed regional Australians who understand what resilience means for themselves and their communities and who are skilled and supported to lead optimistically in the future

What you’ll take away from the program

Wonder more about yourself and the world

Be curious and question the world around you. Good leadership is about asking the hard questions and creating awareness of yourself and the world you lead in. Wonder leads to better leadership.

Challenge old ideas and your community

Great leadership is made in the ability to identify obstacles and barriers that exist in your community and challenge them. You’ll learn to challenge yourself and your community, too.

Drive innovation in your community

What challenges exist in your community? What issues exist that are caused by doing things how they’ve always been done? Why not change them? We’ll empower you to drive change through innovation.

Nourish your connections and networks

Your connections and your wider network – whether in your community, your professional sector, or elsewhere – are important. You’ll learn to nourish these relationships to empower your leadership style.

Be persistent in your vision and for your community

Persistence is key, and it’s a direct byproduct of resilience. Be persistent, whether in your vision or just generally in your community. You’ll learn to lead with influence through persistence.

An experiential learning program

At the ARLF, we’re big on experiential learning – learning programs that immerse you and help you learn and grow through learned lessons. You’ll hear stories from Indigenous leaders, visit culturally significant sites to learn about Indigenous history and legacies, and meet and hear stories from Milparanga alumni. 

Milparanga Emerging Leadership incorporates outdoor activities. You can expect to be pushed outside of your comfort zone with activities that help you get to know yourself better and make you a better communicator.

We’ll take you by surprise most days. Not knowing exactly what you will be doing each day is all part of the experience.

Be the change in your community

Make change happen in your community. Join the next round of our Milparanga Emerging Leadership program and get the tools to lead change in your community.

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