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Ali Wass


Ali Wass

Ali is an experienced educator and facilitator. She works in the ACT TAFE system as an education support person within the Aboriginal unit, and as a program facilitator with Outback Initiatives.

Ali has worked at senior managerial levels in outdoor education, volunteer management, community development and leadership programs. She currently directs therapeutic programs at historic Cuppacumbalong Station in the ACT, including meaningful engagement courses for veterans under active rehabilitation.

Growing up on the land, Ali’s practical farm-based skills include fencing, sheep husbandry and general station-hand work. These foundational lessons of rural life are evident in her care and understanding of country today, and her advocacy of stewardship that enables the sustainable use of land and environment.

Ali has a passion for working with and understanding cultural practices with local Aboriginal communities to strengthen her approach to education and leadership. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of New England and an Advanced Diploma in Vocational Education from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

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