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Boston Edwards

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Boston Edwards

I provide assistance and serve as a point of contact for program participants, stakeholders and my fellow team members to ensure the successful implementation of programs and initiatives. As a proud Gumbaynggirr man, I especially enjoy working to help deliver the Milparanga programs.

Outside of work, I am involved in my local rugby union club and also the Leeton Show. I enjoy spending time with friends, be it at the pub or exploring the beautiful wineries dotted across the Riverina. I love travelling solo and listening to ABBA on repeat.

Where does your passion for rural, regional and remote Australia come from?

Whilst most people who finish uni move to the big city or even overseas, I decided to move to the Riverina region to gain some experience working out in the bush. I intended to stay for about year in Leeton then move to Sydney, but fell in love with my community and the relaxed lifestyle. I know that people who live in the regions are often out of sight and out of mind for the policymakers in the city, that is why I believe rural leadership development is vital in amplifying the voices of the regions.

What’s your favourite memory or most memorable moment of rural, regional and remote Australia?

In my previous positions, I frequently had to travel, and it’s the long drives that stand out in my mind. Whether it’s passing by the vibrant canola fields near Leeton in September or witnessing the breathtaking colors of the sky at dusk, these moments leave a lasting great impression of rural life.

What’s your professional background?

During my time at uni, I gained experience working in the commercial legal team of a major insurance company, as well as opportunities to work in policy implementation for both a government and in a nonprofit organisation. After completing my double degree in law and arts in 2021, I moved back to Leeton to work as a First Nations child protection caseworker. In August 2023, I moved to a role in consulting, serving as a research manager and political advisor for a prominent campaign. Prior to my current role at ARLF, I worked briefly as an advisor for a federal parliamentarian.

What are three things you love about working at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation?

The amazing team culture, the diverse backgrounds of our staff and our passion for rural Australia.

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