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Hansi Ganga

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Hansi Ganga

Having graduated with a Master’s Degree in Information Systems with a specialisation in Data Analytics, I have considerable experience in IT management, data analytics and business process management. 

Where does your passion for rural, regional and remote Australia come from?

Living in the country means we all know each other and carry positive attitudes. I am so inspired to encourage the ability of individuals in rural, regional and remote communities through our programs and to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of ARLF.

Growing up in Sri Lanka – a culturally diverse country – and being an active member of the Australian Red Cross Society gave me a deep passion for the not-for-profit sector and helping individuals to develop their professional and individual goals.

Both my career and cultural background have developed my character, passion, and inventiveness to contribute to regional, rural & remote Australia.

As a newbie to the ARLF team, I genuinely love the team engagement, profound commitment and encouraging atmosphere at work. Working and bonding with a group of optimists and enthusiasts is a fun opportunity to connect.

When I’m not at work, I love watching movies and documentaries.

What’s your professional background?

I started my career as a Junior Consultant at KPMG and later joined Accenture as a Business Support Coordinator.

During that time, I gained experience achieving consistent results in an Information Technology supported environment. I was fortunate to contribute to several business projects in an effective manner to identify user requirements and enable stakeholders to make informed decisions. With a collaborative approach to my work, I genuinely enjoy being part of a team and constructively working with all team members to ensure work is being attended to in order to meet and exceed expectations.

Three things you love about working at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation?

Three things I love about working for the ARLF are the diversity, team spirit and being part of an organisation that gives back to our communities.

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