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Nicky McMillan


Nicky McMillan

Nicky joined the ARLF team as communications coordinator mid-2022 and is pretty happy with the remote set-up, swapping heels for boots and having four-legged workmates – the kelpies and farm cat – for company. The office view isn’t bad either, overlooking the New South Wales Riverina landscape of flat paddocks dotted with sheep and endless sunsets. Nicky has lived and breathed regional Australia for much of her life, from childhood to married life, to a fifth-generation farmer. Much of her career was split between journalism (including rural reporting for the ABC and The Land) and working for regional-based senators and government ministers. Journalism triggered a long fascination with human behaviour and body language as did working in government with leadership, especially its impact on our regions. So when the ARLF position came up, it was a no-brainer to apply and join a team that’s committed to courageous and authentic leadership in our regions. She spends her spare time on adventures and baking with her sassy young daughter; bonding with hubby over sheep work; running with kelpies Banjo, Billy and Winston; writing and photography; road trips; and non-creepy people-watching. 

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