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Zoe Routh

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Zoe Routh

Zoë is a leadership expert with an understanding of the many challenges that can hold people back from meaningful collaboration and problem-solving. For over 30 years, Zoë has been empowering individuals and teams in Australia and internationally. She runs her own consultancy, Inner Compass, and has a long association delivering leadership programs and facilitating for the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. She is also a facilitator for Outback Initiatives.

Zoë is an author, mentor, speaker and strategist, passionate about showing people struggling with office politics and silos how to work better together. She has worked with leaders in industries often experiencing rapid change and being affected by destabilising forces. Zoë is skilled at devising and implementing strategies to prepare for change, meet challenges proactively and adopt sustainable, stabilising processes.

Her published works include ‘Composure – How centred leaders make the biggest impact’; ‘Moments – Leadership when it matters most’; and ‘Loyalty – Stop unwanted staff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates’. Her fourth book is ‘People Stuff – Beyond Personalities: An advanced handbook for leadership’.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from McGill University and has completed the Thought Leaders Business School program.

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