Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program

The Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program (AALP) is a bespoke development program for agribusiness leaders, committed to their sector and to increasing their impact in the businesses and communities in which they live and work.

For the agribusiness sector to meet the challenges ahead and thrive, investment is needed in developing leadership capability, collaboration within and across organisations, and the cultivation of new ideas.

The program initiates structured pathways for future leadership development and offers access to a diverse, national alumni network of over 1,700 rural, regional and remote leaders.

Dates and location

In 2022, the AALP will be delivered over 11 days across two sessions in March and May. Participants will be divided into two cohorts for the first session, then come together for the second and final session in May 2022. With a total of 30 participants, places are limited – 2 places currently available.

Session 1 (Two Cohorts):

  • Session 1a: 20-25 March 2022 – Canberra and regional NSW (full)
  • Session 1b: 20-25 March 2022 – Perth and Margaret River Region, WA

Session 2 (Combined Cohort):

  • 22-27 May 2022 – Orange, NSW

Learning intentions

The AALP employs an adaptive learning approach and is developed within a curriculum framework that focuses on individual and collective behavioural changes central to the development of leadership behaviour. The AALP combines the very latest leadership andragogy with a tailored focus on the agribusiness sector and the complexities facing the industry in Australia.

A summary of the curriculum learning intentions can be found here.

Highlights of the program

The AALP encourages participants to develop greater self-awareness and adaptability in their leadership style and approach. It provides opportunities to develop a deep sense of trust amongst a cohort of agribusiness leaders; cultivating beneficial inter-organisational linkages.

This program is for agribusiness leaders who want to increase their impact in their businesses and communities in which they live and work. We will challenge and support you to learn how to modify your behaviour as you respond to a range of complex real-world situations that face the agribusiness sector.

Above all the AALP generates diverse, deep networks of leaders across the breadth of the sector who have the capability to support others to act in their quest to lead change for the greater good. This may take the form of transforming a business, a sector or generating significant regional rural or remote social impact.

If you participate in this program you will have the opportunity to:

  • meet and learn alongside influential agribusiness leaders
  • examine the complexity, challenges and opportunities for the Australian agribusiness sector
  • build a deep leadership network across the breadth of the sector
  • have an impact on their organisation through enhanced leadership practice

You should undertake the program if you:

  • are committed to leadership in the agribusiness sector
  • want to understand, explore and contribute to sectoral challenges using collaborative networks
  • want to have a positive impact on their organisation and support others to act
  • value the contributions of people in rural, regional and remote Australia

What does it cost?

The program is a fee-for-service. You can either be nominated by your respective organisations or self-fund your program place.

The cost of the AALP is $13,750 (inclusive of GST) per participant.

A participant contribution of $220 (inclusive of GST) is required to secure a place on the program.

Participants may be required to fund some travel or incidental expenses. More details will be provided in their program welcome letter.

How to register

To register for placements on the program, organisations need to complete this form. The participant name can be provided at a later date.

Once participants have a placement in the program, they need to complete an application form by clicking here.

Participant information

For employees interested in the program, here are some tips about Asking work to support you – Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program

More information

The health and safety of participants, employees and partners is our priority, so we have adapted elements of all our programs to accommodate the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Our most recent COVID-19 communication can be found here.

Please contact us for further information on 02 6281 0680 or email

This is far and away the best course I have ever attended. The structure allowed for total immersion and the ability to bond with the group. I feel challenged and invigorated.

Simon Thurbin, Westpac – 2018 Graduate