Asking work to support you – Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program

For the agribusiness sector to meet the challenges ahead and thrive, investment is needed in developing leadership capability, collaborating across organisations and cultivating new ideas. The Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program is designed to meet this need.

Over 11 days, you will have the opportunity to:

  • meet and learn with influential agribusiness leaders
  • examine the complexity, challenges and opportunities for the Australian agribusiness sector
  • build a deep network of leaders across the breadth of the sector who can support others in their quest for change.

If this program interests you, here are a few tips and resources on how to approach your work to support you.

Tip: Know the process

Each organisation has different processes or policies regarding employee development and training. You can usually find this information in your employee handbook, intranet or you can contact your human resources (HR) team.

For smaller organisations, this may be just a conversation with your direct manager.

Tip: Speak with your manager

Speak with your manager about your career and leadership journey. Leadership development is different for everyone and requires an adaptive learning approach.

By talking to your manager about your career path and areas for development, you can begin the conversation on how to achieve your goals and what is best for your organisation.

Tip: Ask the question

Sometimes you just need to ask the question. This may be in an email or in person. To assist you in asking the question, we have prepared an example email below for you to send to the decision maker.

Hi <insert name>,

I’m emailing you as I’d like to discuss my career and leadership development within our organisation. I would like to develop my leadership capabilities and my networks within the agribusiness sector by undertaking a leadership program.

One opportunity I have identified is the Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program. It is a bespoke leadership development program for the agribusiness sector, in particular argibusiness leaders, who wish to increase their impact in the businesses and communities in which they live and work.

The 11 day program initiates structured pathways for future leadership development and offers access to a diverse, national alumni network of over 2000 rural, regional and remote leaders.

The dates and locations are:

The program is an opportunity for me to meet and learn with influential agribusiness leaders and examine the complexity, challenges and opportunities for the Australian agribusiness sector. I would also build connections across a supportive network of leaders across the breadth of the sector.

The cost of the AALP is $13,750 (inclusive of GST). I would pay the participant contribution of $220 (inclusive of GST).

As the registration deadline for the program is INSERT DATE, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,
<insert name>,

More information

If you would like us to contact your organisation directly, please contact us on 02 6281 0680 or email info@rural-leaders.org.au

To read more about the program and how to register click here.