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Screenshot of a ARLP 26 cohort meeting on Zoom.

Reconnect with your cohort through our virtual alumni catch-up

7 October 2021

Under the title ‘Cuppa tea at three’, we have kicked off an ambitious series of virtual alumni catch-ups.

Held on any given day until March 2022 but always at 3.00 pm, we’re inviting alumni to catch up with their fellow participants to share news, socialise and have a chat.

Amongst the six catch-ups held since mid-September were ARLP cohorts 20, 23 and 26, the Leadership for our Regions Wide Bay cohort, Milparanga cohort 7 and the Wine Industry Leaders Program.

Coming up in October are ARLP cohorts 25, 1 and 2, Leadership for our regions Southwest WA, Torres Strait Women’s Leadership Program, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Program 2017, TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program 2010, Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program 2015 and National Farmers Federation Leadership Program.

ARLF CE Matt Linnegar said engaging with alumni was crucial and a two-way street.

‘Whether it’s at work or at home, one of the common themes I’m hearing is that it’s hard to keep people engaged at the moment,’ he said.

‘What I’ve also heard is that when our alumni find themselves in a challenging leadership position and they find other alumni at the table, there’s an immediate bond and a shared understanding.

‘This shows how important the alumni network is, not just to the foundation, but to each individual alumni themselves.

‘Therefore, I encourage you to reach out and use this network of inspiring people.

‘Whether it’s hearing your fellow alumni’s stories of success and challenge or seeing a group of smiling faces that you can reminisce with about another time in another place – the cuppa tea at three catch up is an easy first step to get back in touch.’

Find out when your program or cohort catches up on our events calendar. You’ll also receive an invite via email. Need to update your details? Get in touch.