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Rural leaders visit northeast Victoria

17 February 2017

This week the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) Course 23, travelled from all over Australia to convene in northeast Victoria as part of the Case Study component of the program. They delved into community and regional leadership, advocacy and social entrepreneurship.

It is all part of the iconic ARLP, which takes place over 15 months in locations across Australia and Indonesia, immersing rural, regional and remote leaders in a series of unique experiences to develop their leadership capabilities. The participates are from diverse places, industries and backgrounds, and receive a $55,000 scholarship from our generous sponsors, which includes private sector organisations, government bodies and industry groups. Participants of the program develop as leaders, to continue to work for the greater good of rural, regional and remote Australia.

They met with various community groups, businesses and individuals to gain knowledge and develop an understanding of the challenges and strengths of northeast Victoria. The vital component of the case study week is meeting with the people from the region, and hearing their stories and experiences.

Some highlights include:

  • meeting with Cathy McGowan AO MP, ARLF Fellow – Course 3, Voice of Indi and Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program in Oxley
  • Winton Wetlands with Kate Auty near Wangaratta
  • insights from John, Ross and Katherine Brown at Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa
  • discussing social entrepreneurship with Matt Pfahlert in Beechworth

This list is only a fraction of the activities from a full week of leadership development.

Throughout the week, the cohort has benefited from the involvement of other ARLP graduates. Thank you to ARLF Fellows: Tammy Atkins – Course 22, Alana Johnson – Course 14, Susan Benedyka – Course 4, Cathy McGowan – Course 3 and Tim McCurdy MP – Course 5.

The Foundation would like to thank all of the contributors for an inspiring week of community and regional leadership.