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The journey of leadership

17 December 2020

Australian land teaches us many things about perspectives.

On the surface you see the tough terrains, rough coastlines, and thick bush. The view is different from the bottom of a mountain to the view from the summit. Once you travel through the terrain and hike through the bush you get to see the beauty of the land.

The change in the point of view alters what you see and how you feel. It takes effort and commitment to walk through the bush to reach to the summit of a mountain. Taking the effort to see past one perspective, making a commitment to take the journey through all obstacles to view the world in a different light.

This is the journey of leadership.

This land teaches us resilience. Despite of the extreme heat, extreme cold, drought, fires and floods the land stands, trees grow, and the animals thrive. The land has made its people resilient. Farmers are constantly battling the obstacles of the nature; rural, regional, and remote Australians continue to battle the land and survive yet appreciating it for its beauty.

This is leadership.

It is an honour to be a part of an organisation that appreciates the people of rural, regional, and remote Australia who continue to show resilience and strength and support them in their leadership journey.  

By Naomi Jeffs, Coordinator Leadership Programs at ARLF