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The wheel of life

17 December 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, we are creatures of habit; we tend to do what we have always done.

2020 has had everything, fire, floods, disease, and many personal triumphs and tragedies.

The ability to pivot, adjust, change, embrace or let go has been the biggest victory for 2020.

For me personally, 2020 has been a year of enormous growth and development. I took this year as a year for me after what was an ordinary 2019.

Life can be so predictable and taken for granted. Relationships tested, family dynamics, health and wellbeing, our preferences for work & social activities.

It is important to remember to celebrate all things big and small, remember who & what is important in life, spending time doing things we enjoy, having preferences & choices.

Life is all about BALANCE –  So if it no longer, MOVE’s you, GROW’s you or SERVE’s you – let it go

By Erin Burrows, Coordinator Leadership Programs at ARLF