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Thirty Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders graduate from Milparanga 2018

23 September 2018

Thirty Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders graduated from the Milparanga leadership program in Canberra on 20 September 2018.

Milparanga is a leadership development program, formerly known as the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program (NATSILP).

The program brings together Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people from across Australia to engage in powerful and different conversations.

The 30 participants had already completed one session in either Perth or Kalkaringi, before coming together in Canberra to further develop their understanding of themselves as leaders.

‘This program is not just an investment in ourselves, it’s not even just an investment in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australia, by supporting and running these programs the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and our sponsors are investing in a better future for all of Australia,’ Thaarramali Pearson, graduate of Milparanga 2018.

‘It’s hard once you have actually done the program to imagine your life before…it changes you that much,’ Cathy Doe, graduate of Milparanga 2018.


‘It’s about challenging yourself and to find out what’s in you that can help others in the community and in your workplace to become a great leader,’ Steven Smith, graduate of Milparanga 2018.

The program is supported/sponsored by:

  • the Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Australia Council for the Arts
  • Indigenous Land Corporation
  • Monash University
  • My Pathway

The participants have now become part of our Alumni Network of over 1,300 leaders who support each other as they continue to develop as leaders.

More information

For more information about the program, see Milparanga:developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership