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May Webinar: International Leadership

6 April 2021

The ARLF has strong international connections, particularly in Indonesia where five ARLP cohorts over five years have been immersed in leadership through a different cultural and geopolitical lens.  These relationships continue to be important as we share leadership challenges and the opportunity for our two countries to strengthen ties in a changing global context. This webinar will explore some of these relationships and impart knowledge and experience as a learning opportunity for ARLF alumni. Discussion will be around:

  • Leadership development from an international perspective
  • Appreciating cultural context through the lens of other cultures
  • Leading on an international stage (what’s the same and what’s different).
  • How do we work together for mutual benefit?

Panel Members:
Adikelana Adiwoso I Director of PT Juang Jaya Abadi Alam, an Indonesian-Australian joint venture company with Consolidated Pastoral Company
Dr John Ackerman I Director, PT Mitra Asia Lestari, Deputy Secretary General, Indonesia Australia Business Council
Ayu Maulandari I Director, PT Mitra Asia Lestari
Ines Setiawan Director SHINE Indonesia
Matt Linnegar I Chief Executive ARLF (facilitator)

Adikelana Adiwoso (Dicky) is currently the President Director of PT Juan Jaya Abdi Alam, a feedlot joint venture with Consolidated Pastoral Company and a board member of Gapuspindo (Indonesian Feedlot Association). Dicky has more than 30 years experience in the live cattle industry and holds a Masters degree in International Management, having completed his education in Indonesia, Europe and the United States . He has lived abroad with his diplomat family in Europe, North Africa, the United States, South America and Australia, and he also has experience in the private sector with the World Bank, and the Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency. 

Ayu Maulandari was born in Jakarta, holds a degree in economics and is currently the President Director of PT Mitra Asia Lestari. Ayu’s previous role was in the Australian Embassy to Indonesia as the Administration and Visit Officer which involved liaison with all levels of the Australian and Indonesian Governments to ensure effective communication and understanding of the interests of both countries’ trade and investment related matters. She has also worked for humanitarian programs coordinating effective project delivery in Indonesia, and is now focused on agribusiness between Indonesia and Australia. 

Dr John Ackerman is a founding Director of PT Mitra Asia Lestari, a company focused on producing sound research, sustainable business development and increasing leadership capacity in South East Asia. He has been in Indonesia for over 15 years with a focus during this time on disaster rehabilitation, reducing illegal fishing, minimising trade barriers, improving animal welfare, managing smallholder farmer development programs, reviewing traceability systems, optimising logistic and transportation networks and promoting Australian capabilities. Dr Ackerman has a background in biology and ecology, obtaining his PhD in 2004 from James Cook University, and currently holds a position as Adjunct Professor at the University of New England, Australia. He is a recipient of an Australia Day Achievement Award for his work overseas and sits on the boards of the International Business Chamber in Indonesia and the Indonesia Australia Business Council.

Ines Setiawan is a Science, Technology and Mathematics teacher at the German School Jakarta with more than 20 years of experience in International Education. She founded a social enterprise called SHINE which supports small-scale Indonesian entrepreneurs and startups to realise sustainable business ventures by providing workshops, mentorships, and networking. SHINE focuses on using social entrepreneurship to solve ten global problems namely food, water, waste, energy, biodiversity, global warming & climate change, health, finance, poverty, and peace. 

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