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Why drought resilience programs are in focus right now

8 October 2021

Have you wondered why we are sharing so much about drought resilience leadership programs?  

These new programs are accessible to a much broader audience outside of our traditional networks. Therefore, making up a large portion of our public-facing communications. 

The $5 billion Future Drought Fund has a national footprint to help farmers and communities prepare for future drought. It covers five key areas to achieve this including harnessing innovation, improving risk management for farm businesses, providing better access to climate information, finding land management practices that support landscape resilience and building social capital to drive change and support resilient communities.  

Partnerships Director Philippa Woodhill said the program was an opportunity to grow leadership in communities across the country. 

‘With the ARLF’s successful tender in late 2020, the Australian Government has trusted us with facilitating these programs to support its goal of building social capital to drive change and more resilient communities,’ she said. 

‘We’re well equipped to deliver on this outcome and grateful for the opportunity to grow leadership capability in rural communities around the country.’ 

The Drought Resilience Leaders Programs has two learning pathways and an open learning resource 

  1. A place-based Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program delivered in virtually and in-person in 12 regions. Aimed at building regional networks of people with an understanding of leadership skills and community resilience in the context of drought and climate change. 
  1. A national mentoring program with a personal one-on-one learning experience. Applicants are matched with a suitable mentor and/ or mentee. 
  1. A webinar series open for anyone with an interest in learning how rural communities and the agriculture industry can adapt to a changing climate and build resilience to drought. 

Ms Woodhill said it was also an opportunity for alumni to get involved and strengthen their networks.  

‘With the place-based Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program, we have engaged alumni to take on the role of a regional lead under our associate model. 

‘This is just one of many ways in which we’re seeking to tap into and provide ongoing opportunities for our alumni network.’ 

With the two pilots of the place-based program underway in the Goulburn Valley and Central West Queensland, we’re about to open the opportunity in seven other regions across the country. 

At the same time, the webinar series will launch on 26 October and the mentoring program will re-open with another 100 plus mentoring pairs to be matched.  

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