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Women leading the Torres Strait

30 October 2018

Eight female leaders from the Torres Strait recently graduated in the company of their friends, families and other guests on Thursday Island.

The women celebrated the completion of the three session program with a presentation to encourage women in the Torres Strait to undertake leadership positions, including board representation.

This is the fifth year of the program which develops the participant’s capacity for leadership and aims to increase the number of women in decision making roles across the region.


What the graduates said:

“This was challenging EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.”

“I have been locally thinking all my life but after doing this course, I now have an awareness of the bigger picture.”

“I love that this program incorporates culture.”

This program is specifically for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal women in the Torres Strait Region. It is a collaborative project between the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) and the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

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