Facing challenges in isolation?

Discover the power of collaboration within our leadership circle. Where you connect, share and grow with community leaders across Australia.

  • Connect with peers: Meet with ten community leaders from other regions once a month.
  • Gain fresh perspectives: Learn from their experiences and share your own.
  • Focused personal development: Each month, focus on a key area for personal and collective growth.

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What the leadership circle offers

Collaborative problem-solving

Work together on real-world challenges with practical, actionable solutions.

Experienced guidance

Benefit from the wisdom and support of a highly experienced leadership facilitator in a confidential setting.

What you bring


Engage in 6 monthly sessions, each enriching your leadership journey.


Share your challenges and experiences, contributing to a supportive and dynamic environment.

The leadership circle is a new project available exclusive to participants of the ARLF’s programs under the Future Drought Fund, including the Drought Resilience Leaders Program (mentoring and leadership programs) and the Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Initiative (National Mentoring Program, Changemaker Workshops and leadership programs). 

It’s an extended offer under the Drought Ready network, which is also open to alumni and stakeholders engaged in work under the Future Drought Fund. 

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