International Agribusiness Leadership Program

Shape the future of agribusiness across Australia and Indonesia. Our International Agribusiness Leadership Program is designed to enhance the skills and insights of mid to senior-level agribusiness executives, fostering a new era of collaborative leadership.


Mid to senior-level agribusiness professionals


10 days plus travel


Program fee: $17,600

Participant contribution: $550

Places on the IALP can either be funded by agribusiness employers or participants.

Delivery mode & venue

Delivered face-to-face in a residential program setting in and around Sulawesi and Jakarta, Indonesia.


29 October - 7 November 2024


Applications can be made until 1 September 2024

Elevate leadership and cultivate connections

Crafted specifically for seasoned leaders in the Indonesian and Australian agribusiness sectors. This program blends advanced leadership development with an immersive cross-cultural experience, preparing you to navigate and lead in diverse agricultural landscapes. Plus, delve deep into the Australia-Indonesia agri-partnership, exploring critical facets like two-way trade, climate adaptation, and technological innovation to strengthen industry partnerships.

For agribusiness leaders who want to understand leadership within shared and contrasting cultural, geographic and trade contexts.

What you’ll take away from the program

Leadership development

Elevate your leadership abilities with strategies tailored to the dynamic agribusiness environment.

Cross-cultural insights

Delve deep into the cultural, geopolitical, and trade landscapes of both nations, gaining an understanding that transcends borders.

Building strong foundations

Build valuable business and personal relationships, laying the groundwork foster strategic agricultural relationships, agricultural advancement, food security, and robust agri-food sectors.

Industry trends and challenges

Stay ahead of emerging patterns and challenges in agribusiness, preparing you to lead effectively in a rapidly evolving global market.

Australia-Indonesia agricultural partnership

Promote a two-way trade and cooperation between countries, focusing on climate adaptation, consumer expectations, technology, biosecurity, security, and governance.

Gain authenticity and act beyond self

Authenticity is a courageous value and one that creates a drive. With authenticity and courage, you can influence people and society and act for a purpose beyond yourself.

Contribute to a thriving global agribusiness landscape

Forge stronger links between the Indonesian and Australian agribusiness sectors. Beyond leadership, the program focuses on nurturing strategic agricultural relationships, advancing agriculture, and reinforcing food security. Get ready to confront and master the emerging trends and challenges in global agribusiness, such as climate change and digital transformation. Equip yourself with essential skills in advocacy, cross-cultural communication, and adaptive leadership to thrive in the global agribusiness landscape.

Activities you’ll engage in

Reflective practice and feedback

Engage in reflective practices to understand behaviours and perspectives, and participate in giving and receiving feedback – a key tool for leadership growth.

Adaptive leadership and strategic thinking

Learn adaptive leadership skills and apply strategic and design thinking through action-based, real-life scenarios.

Diplomacy, trade and social intelligence

Gain insights into Indonesian agribusiness, including people, products, and processes, and understand leadership in the context of diplomacy, trade, and behavioural and social intelligence.

Cultural immersion and understanding

Immerse in local culture and nature, explore leadership in diverse cultural contexts, and understand the values and cognitive biases that shape perspectives in agribusiness.

Want to know more?

Join us for an interactive Q&A webinar that dives into the heart of the “International Agribusiness Leadership Program”. This session is your chance to ask questions, explore the program’s structure, and understand how it’s tailored to strengthen agribusiness relationships in the Indo-Pacific.

Q&A webinar

31 January 2024 1.00 - 2.00 pm AEST


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Frequently asked questions

If you have a question, you might find the answer below. If we haven’t answered it, our friendly team is happy to chat with you. Get in touch via email or give us a call on (02) 6281 0680.

A place on the program costs $17,600 plus an $550 participant contribution. A place in the program can either be funded by an agribusiness sponsoring an employee or a participant themselves. Participants may also need to cover some travel or incidental costs. More information on this is provided after the selection process.

Your safety is paramount, and we hope you will not get sick or injured. We do have first aid officers on all programs to assist in an emergency. 

Working while you’re in the program will significantly reduce your ability to focus and get the most out of it. It might also not be possible due to the location and schedule of the program. We, therefore, ask that you make prior arrangements with your workplace and inform them that you will not be able to work during the program period.

We provide an immersive program experience. Therefore, mobile phones may be removed for periods to enhance your engagement and experience. Mobile phone reception may also not be available during some program periods. Your family will be provided with contact information to notify our facilitators in the event of an emergency.

There are a few different ways to get a place in the program. Most places are purchased by agribusiness organisations for their employees. At the same time, employees are encouraged to complete an application for these places. Alternatively, you’re also welcome to self-fund your place.

We’re raising the next generation of Aussie agribusiness leaders

Contribute to something bigger. Join the next round of our Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program and help us make real change happen.

Want to recommend someone other than yourself? Use our Shoulder Tap.

We’re raising the next generation of Aussie agribusiness leaders

Contribute to something bigger. Join the next round of our Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program and help us make real change happen.

Want to recommend someone other than yourself? Use our Shoulder Tap.

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