Our programs are not like corporate leadership courses.

Grow your network and contribution. Redefine leadership and learning with our experiential learning programs.

Are you ready to reimagine leadership?

How you'll learn with us

Experience is your teacher not the person talking​

We're here to provide the opportunity for people to understand themselves and others as a framework to adapt and work together. And for that, we won't make anyone sit for too long.

Anyone, from anywhere, can learn with us.​

We don't mind if you're an established change maker, in a formal leadership position or have a desire to influence your industry, community or workplace.

Tailored to rural, regional and remote Australia

Our leadership programs are tailored towards a diverse group of people with one thing in common - an interest in ensuring rural, regional and remote Australia is a thriving place supporting the livelihoods of its people.

Redefine your perception of leadership

We see leadership as a behaviour, not a title or a role. Arrive with an open-mind and depart with a new understanding and appreciation of how to influence change and bring others along for the benefit of everyone, not just yourself.

Our 2,000+ alumni make our network unbeatable

Our alumni have each gone on to do great things and are some of the most influential people in Australia’s regional, rural, and remote communities.

We harness the power of our network to keep our programs relevant, up to date, and to ensure they’re tailored to address contemporary issues.

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