Graduating from our programs is just the beginning

People are the cornerstone of rural, regional, and remote leadership in Australia. Our alumni network – both online and out in the real world, fosters a shared vision and leadership values beyond the individual.

Alumni: 223

Alumni: 159

Alumni: 567

Alumni: 616

Alumni: 340

Alumni: 57

Alumni: 62

Alumni: 82

We have 2,640+ alumni all over the country

Graduating from one of our programs is already an exciting time. Your mindset has shifted, you understand yourself at more depth and you’re better placed to work with others to influence change. It’s just the beginning though. Taking on and sharing learning with such a wide variety of people, we have an eclectic powerhouse of graduates.


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Join the online alumni community

Alumni of our programs have access to an exclusive online community and portal. Here, you’ll be able to find and connect with other Australian Rural Leadership Foundation alumni. 

Lost access to the alumni network? Get in touch.

A shared vision, values and trust

Have you seen someone with the ARLF pin? Each of our alumni receives a pin. It’s been recognised (and continues to be) in boardrooms, at events, and in critical situations – like disaster response meetings. These pins create an instant connection – a shared experience and values.

Honorary Fellows

Our Honorary Fellows are distinguished members of our network. Not only have these individuals offered and continue to provide long-term support, they are champions of our leadership values, having made contributions beyond themselves to rural, regional and remote Australia.

A network to support and demonstrate your leadership practices

Our alumni network supports deep collaborative efforts, coming together to solve problems that can’t be solved on our own, celebrating memorable moments, making decisions, showing strength, honouring legacy and acknowledging the complexity of transformative change.

It’s the network you create that will help you foster these practices for years to come.

Australian Rural Leadership Program alumni

Hundreds of people from all over Australia are graduates of our flagship Australian Rural Leadership Program. At this point in time, it’s the only program we maintain a directory for. It allows us to provide a historical record of our ever-growing number of graduates, from our first cohort back in 1993 to now. Each group of graduates is unique but they all share the common experience of participating in the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

We’re making a real
difference in Australia. Join us.

You can support us to drive change and create a serious impact in your organisation, sector, and wider community. It’s not just enhancing how you lead, it’s building your own network and contributing for the greater good.

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