TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program

Challenge-based leadership development for emerging rural leaders. Are you an emerging leader in rural, regional, or remote Australia? Do you have plans to lead change in your sector or community? Then our TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program is for you.


Emerging rural leaders from any industry in rural, regional, and remote Australia.


7-days plus travel to and from Canberra


Program fee: $12,012
Participant contribution: $220

Delivery mode & venue

Delivered in a face-to-face setting with five-days spent in the outdoors camping setting & two-days in a residential setting around Canberra.


Each year in March.
2025 program: 6-12 March 2025 (plus travel)


Places on the upcoming TRAIL program can be booked by organisations for staff or individuals wishing to self-fund the program until December each year or until all places are filled.

Ready to make change happen? TRAIL is for you.

Gain an understanding of the fundamental practices for collaborative and adaptive leadership through the TRAIL Emerging Leaders program. It’s an experiential and challenge-based approach to learning that helps you, the future leaders in these communities, become aware of your own personal behaviours and learn how to engage effectively in your workplace, community, and industry.

You’ll embark on a challenging outdoor experience, and back inside, you’ll tackle numerous workshops and panel sessions. This program is suited to diverse people from all kinds of different occupations, communities and backgrounds.

What you’ll take away from TRAIL

Emerge an adaptive leader for rural Australia

Industries in rural, regional, and remote Australia are always moving. Respond to changing contexts and open your mind up to alternative perspectives. Adaptivity is a skill that can’t be undervalued in these constantly evolving industries.

Join an affiliate network – there’s power in numbers

There are many important tools in an emerging leader's toolbox. A big one? Your network. Problem-solving and innovation are only bolstered by different opinions, perspectives, and approaches to finding the solution.

Become an advocate in your industry or community

Real change calls for serious advocacy. We need passionate leaders in our industries and communities to champion change and inspire others to join us on the journey. Improve and innovate through change.

Gain the courage to take action

Taking action can be daunting, but it’s often necessary when we want to lead change. Gain the courage to take action, influence others to support it, and take an unknown and infinite future into your own hands.

Be aware and ready to modify behaviours

You can’t modify behaviours from yourself or others if you don’t first understand them. Why do the behaviours exist? What purpose do they serve? Gain a deep understanding of yourself and others and gain the awareness you need to change these behaviours.

Gain authenticity and act beyond self

Create authenticity and gain the courage to act for a purpose beyond yourself. True authenticity is about seeing the bigger picture and enacting change through awareness, community, and influence.

How we take you from emerging to change maker in 7 days


Navigating new horizons through TRAIL

My name is Lindsay Davies, proud Kooma man living on Kombumerri Country and TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program (C16) Graduate through the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation scholarship. I wanted to…

Going against the grain to imagine a better future

Gamilaraay man Jacob Birch isn’t just working on launching a new agribusiness, he’s envisioning a different world. It’s this vision that enabled him to join Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s…

Frequently asked questions

Have a question that we haven’t answered below? Get in touch with our friendly team. We’re happy to help.

A place in the TRAIL Emerging Leaders program costs  $11,550 plus a $220 participant contribution. Your place in the program can either be funded by an organisation sponsoring an employee or a participant themselves. Participants may also need to cover some travel or incidental costs. More information on this is provided after the selection process.

Yes, of course. If you work in rural, regional, or remote Australia, then the TRAIL Emerging Leaders program is an excellent opportunity for professional development.

Planning to ask your employer to support you? Here are some tips:

Different organisations have different processes and policies regarding employee development and training. You can find this kind of information in your employee handbook or on an intranet platform. Otherwise, contact your human resources (HR) team.

If you’re working in a smaller organisation, you may just need to chat with your direct manager. 

Chat with them about your career and leadership development. It’s different for everyone and calls for an adaptive learning approach. 

Talk to your manager about your career path and where you can develop. Then, you can initiate a conversation on how best to achieve your career goals in line with your organisation’s goals. 

With these kinds of questions, you usually just need to ask the question. You can do this via email or in person. 

To help you, we’ve prepared a template email to send to your relevant decision-makers.

Hi <insert name>,

I’m emailing you as I’d like to discuss my career and leadership development within our organisation. I would like to develop my leadership capabilities and my networks within the sector by undertaking a leadership program.

One opportunity I have identified is the TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program. It is a bespoke leadership development program for emerging leaders in rural, regional, and remote Australia who wish to increase their impact on the businesses and communities in which they live and work.

The 7-day program initiates structured pathways for future leadership development and offers access to a diverse, national alumni network of over 2200 rural, regional and remote leaders.

The dates and locations are:


The program is an opportunity for me to meet and learn with influential agribusiness leaders and examine the complexity, challenges and opportunities for the Australian agribusiness sector. I would also build connections across a supportive network of leaders across the breadth of the sector.

The cost of the TRAIL is $10,500 (+ GST). I would pay the participant contribution of $200 (+ GST).

As the registration deadline for the program is INSERT DATE, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,

<insert name>,

If you would like us to contact your organisation directly, please contact us.

We take your safety seriously, and so we hope you won’t become sick or injured. We have first aid officers available for each program we deliver in the case of an emergency. If you do unfortunately contract COVID, we have a response plan in place that allows us to get you home as quickly as possible.

Working on the program will make a big impact on your ability to focus and get the most from the program. It may also be quite difficult, due to the location and schedule of the program. So, we do ask that you make prior arrangements with your employer and inform them that you won’t be able to work during the program period.

We provide an immersive program experience, therefore, mobile phones will be removed for periods to enhance your engagement and experience. Your family will be provided with contact information to notify our facilitators in the event of an emergency.

There are a few different ways to get a place in the program. Most places are purchased by organisations for their employees. At the same time, employees are encouraged to complete an application for these places. Alternatively, you’re also welcome to self-fund your place.

We’re raising the next generation of emerging Aussie leaders shaking up rural, regional & remote Australia

Meet the network you’ll lean on for years to come and get the tools you need to make change happen in your community. Join the next round of our TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program.

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We’re raising the next generation of emerging Aussie leaders shaking up rural, regional & remote Australia

Meet the network you’ll lean on for years to come and get the tools you need to make change happen in your community. Join the next round of our TRAIL Emerging Leaders Program.

Want to recommend someone other than yourself? Use our Shoulder Tap.

Secure a spot on the upcoming TRAIL Emerging Leaders program

Whether you’re an organisation seeking to enroll your staff or an individual ready to self-fund, we’ve got you covered. Simply complete the form, and our dedicated team will reach out to you personally, providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. 

Book your place today and embark on a transformative journey toward leadership excellence!

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