Include a gift in your Will

Leave a lasting impact on Australia’s rural, regional, and remote communities.​

Your gift supports everyday Australians.

After leaving behind enough to care for your family and loved ones, you can leave a gift to the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

It will go directly towards a scholarship for an Australian who has great potential but doesn’t meet the criteria specified by their preferred program’s sponsors. 


For more information about including a gift in your will to the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, please contact our Philanthropy Manager Vivienne Johnson at or on 02 6281 0680.

For this couple giving honours the impact of their own experience

Ross and Edwina Sharrock are in the unique position of both having experienced the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP); Ross graduating from Course 19 in 2013 and Edwina from…

Giving to invest in the future of regional Australia

Cecily Andersen makes a conscious choice to give as a financial donor to the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation in the same way that she has made a conscious choice…

Malcolm’s donation to leadership development is a gift to rural Australia 

As a former livestock farmer who has spent the latter part of his career supporting the wellbeing and planning capacity of primary producers, Malcolm Cock knows that an investment…

How to leave your gift to us

After consulting with your legal advisor or trustee, you can leave a gift for ARLF by specifying so in your will. 

The suggested wording for this gift in your will:

I bequeath (a percentage of your estate) or (a specified sum) for the general purposes of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ABN 80 056 874 787). The receipt of an authorised officer of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).

Just want to make a one-off donation?

You don’t need to leave us a bequest to make an impact. Every cent we receive in donations is appreciated by both our team and people seeking to make rural, regional and remote Australia better for everyone. You’re welcome to make a one-off donation. 

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