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Real stories of leadership from rural, regional and remote Australia.

Tune in as we unearth stories from people passionate about building stronger industries and communities outside our city limits. Come with us as we dive into the ingredients for effective leadership, whatever the challenges you face, wherever you live or work.

Hosted by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

About our podcast

Step into the heart of rural, regional, and remote Australia with Rural Leadership Unearthed, the podcast that unveils the hidden gems of leadership beyond the city limits.

Join us as we take a journey through real stories of individuals dedicated to strengthening industries and communities in the heartland.

In an engaging interview format, discover the essential ingredients of effective leadership, no matter the obstacles you encounter or the location you call home.

Join us as we unearth the untold stories of leadership that inspire and empower change.

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Episode 2 - The Art of Vulnerable Leadership

Episode 2

The Art of Vulnerable Leadership

In this revealing episode, writer/creative practitioner/community advocate/youth mentor/Australian Rural Leadership Foundation alum Alysha Herrmann shares her journey of authentic and vulnerable leadership 

Episode 2: The Art of Vulnerable Leadership 

8 February 2024

With family roots entrenched in the wool industry, Alysha’s life began with constant movement and a deep connection to rural communities. Facing adversity in her teen years, she made the bold decision to leave her family and school at just 15. The transformative experience of motherhood at 17 propelled her to pursue further education, and her inner creative, that reshaped her future.  

Sitting down with ARLF’s Vivienne Johnson, Alysha shares her evolution from a rebellious, arts-averse teenager to a prominent figure in the regional arts sector. 


  • Alysha discusses the transformative impact of the creative industry on an individual, and the community.   
  • How it creates more opportunities for regional creatives to be heard in their own communities and further afield.  
  • The importance of diverse voices and inclusive approaches in decision making. 
  • And embracing vulnerability as a strength in leadership. 

Episode 1. Leading our regions through disaster

Episode 1

Leading our regions through disaster. And how it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In our first ever episode of the Rural Leadership Unearthed podcast, we sit down with Steve Tinker, a leader whose approach is as straightforward as it gets, even in the complex world of telecommunications. Discover how empathy guides him on the worst days, the influence of emergency leaders on his journey, and the contagious optimism of locals in times of disaster. Plus, Steve shares two unexpected yet practical disaster preparedness tips and more. As a longtime supporter of the ARLF, Telstra takes the spotlight in this episode, showcasing their commitment to positive impact across rural and remote Australia.

Episode 1: Leading our regions through disaster. And how it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

11 January 2024

Steve Tinker heads Telstra’s operations in Northern and Western Victoria and he’s part of Telstra’s Response Team. Over 30 years in the job, he’s led Telstra’s customer response, and support for impacted communities through some of the worst natural disasters we’ve seen. With our regions experiencing a cyclone, floods and fires in recent weeks, Steve and the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s chief executive Matt Linnegar discuss the challenges, and rewards, of leadership during disasters. And Telstra’s boost in disaster support across the regions.

Episode sponsored by Telstra 

As one of ARLF’s longest supporters in delivering leadership for positive impact across regional, rural and remote Australia, we’re thrilled be featuring Telstra in the first episode of the Rural Leadership Unearthed podcast. To find out more about Telstra’s partnership and impact across our regions through its support and ARLF alumni, head to the links below.


ARLF Telstra case study blog

Telstra’s Disaster Response campaign

Consumer specific

Business specific

How to prepare

Telstra’s dedicated assistance line: 1800 888 888

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