Help us create impact and drive change for everyday Australians.

Support high-potential applicants

Every year we receive a flood of applications for our Australian Rural Leadership Program. Not all are eligible in line with our sponsors' scholarship criteria, though. Your donation goes towards Open Scholarships, which sponsors people from non-traditional rural industries, like the arts.

Support industry growth

Not all industries have the means or capacity to invest in leadership development. And usually? These are the industries that need it most. The donations we receive support emerging and struggling industries to build leadership capacity, and help them gain momentum.

Make an impact in high-need areas

Support the regions in Australia that need that additional leadership capacity to rebuild and recover. Make a contribution to communities in rural, regional, and remote Australia who seriously need support.

Help ARLF make a difference

Your donations support our organisation and the industries and communities we're working hard to support. You can feel good, knowing you're helping us make a difference.

Be the change Australia needs

Drive change and create a real impact in the lives of everyday Australians. Our ad-hoc donations help sponsor places in our programs for those who have real potential, but don’t meet the program sponsors’ guidelines. It means your donation will have an immediate and significant impact on our nation’s resources.

Your donation makes a big difference.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the generous support of those who understand the impact we’re creating. The private sector, government, philanthropic organisations, and our alumni are welcome to offer donations and help us drive the power of our excellent programs.

Graham’s pedal-powered mission to empower future leaders

After the Easter break, I am planning to start a cycle tour from Canberra to Brisbane.  My name is Graham Smith, and I have had a long term goal to…

Fundraising reflections from the road with Graham Smith

Pedalling forward whilst looking backwards Last week with an old friend Joel Krewaz, I completed a 1350km fully self-supported cycle-tour from Canberra to Brisbane, through the traditional lands of…

Malcolm’s donation to leadership development is a gift to rural Australia 

As a former livestock farmer who has spent the latter part of his career supporting the wellbeing and planning capacity of primary producers, Malcolm Cock knows that an investment…

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How you make your donation is up to you! Support us with a one-off donation, or donate to us regularly. Make your one-off donation here online, call us during business hours, or become a regular giver through monthly donations.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductable and we also welcome bequests. ​

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