TRAIL Emerging Leaders

Challenge-based Leadership Development for emerging rural leaders

Program details

TRAIL is a cross-sector, challenge-based 7-day leadership program for Australia’s emerging rural leaders. It develops their leadership skills and connects them with a network of peers and role models. It includes a challenging four-day outdoor experience, along with numerous workshops and panel sessions, and is suited to diverse people from different occupations, communities, and backgrounds.


All year.

Program places & Cost

Program fee AUD 10,450

Network membership and administration fee AUD 220

Places on TRAIL can either be funded by agribusiness employers or participants themselves.

Program Date

9-15 March 2023

Program Location

Canberra and surrounding regions


Emerging rural leaders from any industry in rural, regional, and remote Australia.

Program activities

The TRAIL Emerging Leaders program gives emerging leaders an understanding of fundamental practices for collaborative and adaptive leadership. Through experiential and challenged-based learning, emerging leaders become aware of personal behaviours and learn how to engage more effectively in their workplace, community, and industry. explore strategies to address complex situations.

Undertake a psychometric assessment to increase understanding of self and others.

Deconstruct complex situations and assumptions through exposure to topical issues for rural, regional, and remote Australia.

Learn how to use reflection as an essential tool for effective leadership.

Build peer networks for future collaboration and support.

Understand how behaviour impacts relationships with others.

Explore a range of areas relevant to leadership including ethics, values, social responsibility, negotiation, communication, and critical thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Get in touch via email or give us a call on 02 6281 0680.

Of course. If you work in the agribusiness sector, asking your employer to fund your place is a great professional development opportunity. Here are some tips to ask work to support you:

Each organisation has different processes or policies regarding employee development and training. You can usually find this information in your employee handbook, or intranet or you can contact your human resources (HR) team.

For smaller organisations, this may be just a conversation with your direct manager.

Speak with your manager about your career and leadership journey. Leadership development is different for everyone and requires an adaptive learning approach.

By talking to your manager about your career path and areas for development, you can begin the conversation on how to achieve your goals and what is best for your organisation.

Sometimes you just need to ask the question. This may be in an email or in person. To assist you in asking the question, we have prepared an example email below for you to send to the decision maker.

Hi <insert name>,

I’m emailing you as I’d like to discuss my career and leadership development within our organisation. I would like to develop my leadership capabilities and my networks within the agribusiness sector by undertaking a leadership program.

One opportunity I have identified is the Australian Agribusiness Leadership Program. It is a bespoke leadership development program for the agribusiness sector, in particular agribusiness leaders, who wish to increase their impact in the businesses and communities in which they live and work.

The 11-day program initiates structured pathways for future leadership development and offers access to a diverse, national alumni network of over 2000 rural, regional and remote leaders.

The dates and locations are:

The program is an opportunity for me to meet and learn with influential agribusiness leaders and examine the complexity, challenges and opportunities for the Australian agribusiness sector. I would also build connections across a supportive network of leaders across the breadth of the sector.

The cost of the AALP is $13,750 (inclusive of GST). I would pay the participant contribution of $220 (inclusive of GST).

As the registration deadline for the program is INSERT DATE, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,
<insert name>,

If you would like us to contact your organisation directly, please contact us.

A place on the program costs AUD 13,750 plus an AUD 220 network membership and administration fee. A place in the program can either be funded by an agribusiness sponsoring an employee or a participant themselves. Participants may also need to cover some travel or incidental costs. More information on this is provided after the selection process.

Your safety is paramount and we hope you will not get sick or injured. We do have first aid officers on all programs to assist in an emergency. Should you contract COVID, we have a response plan in place and will respond to get you home as quickly as possible.

Working while you’re on the program will significantly reduce your ability to focus and get the most out of it. It might also not be possible due to the location and schedule of the program. We, therefore, ask that you make prior arrangements with your workplace and inform them that you will not be able to work during the program period.

We provide an immersive program experience therefore mobile phones may be removed for periods to enhance your engagement and experience. Mobile phone reception may also not be available during some program periods. Your family will be provided with contact information to notify our facilitators in the event of an emergency.