Our first cohort meets

From ‘this is my second Zoom meeting’ to family members offering advice ‘now you can see everyone’ – hiccups with technology and even technology itself didn’t take away from the ambience of a living room full of family that hadn’t seen one another for a long time. Eyes beaming with curiosity and voices quipping eagerly to share one’s stories and memories.

The ARLP 1 met for their virtual cup of tea on 13 October 2021.

It was fantastic to ‘see everyone’s face’ again, instead of just ‘hearing voices on the phone’. An old flyer readily used to compare the looks from the years gone quickly showed that everybody was still quite the same and looking ‘young’.

A conversation that started with grandchildren, lost hearing aids and retirement plans to the city or country – soon grew into tales of businesses come and gone, casual listings of directorship and local government roles, ongoing international business transactions and a passionate commitment to either church, sports, or community otherwise.

From founding fathers to their brothers and sisters, the ARLP 1 cohort has a legacy larger than its life. Their achievements and contributions to rural, regional, and remote Australia are as diverse and passionate as the lifelong friendship that connects them, even when they’re apart.

And if there had been a competition between Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers based on charm, perhaps the wiser folks had it. Some things just get better with age, including colloquialisms that grow in nuances and wit. Or perhaps, it’s the different Zeitgeist that shines through, like a refreshing crisp ale on a hot summer day in this 21st century.

So, while we look toward the future, we take time to acknowledge and recognise the value and wisdom of the past.

In the words of our Chief Executive, ‘it’s not growth for growth’s sake, it’s for impact’. The Foundation soon will be something like five times the size it was when he started, a comparatively short, seven years ago.

It’s a full bucket of curiosity and wonder where, in 30 years’ time from now, we might reflect on the same notions – only looking back on today.

Has your cohort had their virtual Cuppa Tea at 3 yet? Do you have a story to share? Get in touch.

If you haven’t received an email invitation to your cohort’s virtual catch up yet and need to update your details – go here.

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