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Graham Smith

Graham Smith Oct 2017

Graham Smith

Graham Smith is a versatile professional whose long career spans education, public service, and leadership development with a long-term dedication to rural, regional and remote communities. For example, as General Manager of Questacon the National Science and Technology Centre, Graham played a key role in greatly expanding the organisation’s physical reach to every state and region of Australia. 

His career took a turn in late 2013, when he became the Program Manager of the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF), a role he held until 2020. 

During his tenure at the ARLF, Graham became known for his ability to forge deep and trusting relationships with ARLP participants. These connections laid the foundation for the ARLF’s enduring positive impact with these stakeholders in Australia and beyond, especially in Indonesia. 

Known for his authenticity and understated leadership style, Graham left a mark on the ARLF, influencing both the organisation’s direction and the personal and professional growth of his colleagues. His departure from the ARLF did not signify an end but a transition to a new form of contribution…fundraising.

In 2021, Graham embarked on a remarkable journey, cycling self-supported almost 4000km from Canberra to Perth to raise funds for an ARLF scholarships. Despite delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Graham’s determination saw him complete this challenge in 2021, raising almost $11,000 under the ‘Ride Against the Wind’ campaign. 

Graham’s firsthand experiences with the ARLF have made him a staunch advocate for its programs and their transformative effect on individuals and communities.

Even in retirement, he continues to champion the ARLF’s mission through fundraising, raising awareness, and nurturing relationships across Australia and beyond. Graham Smith exemplifies the essence of leadership and community service, living the values of the ARLF with every step he takes. 

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