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Jen Wressel

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Jen Wressel

Jen has led teams in some of the most isolated places on earth – from Antarctica to outback Australia and Saudi Arabia. It is through achieving outcomes in these challenging environments that Jen realised the importance of building productive teams and safe workplaces, no matter how challenging the context.

She is the founder and executive director of Mindful Innovative Action, a company committed to improving mental wellbeing in the workplace and community.

The Geelong-based leader has 15 years’ practical leadership experience, including as an expedition and station leader in Antarctica. She is a qualified behaviour support practitioner, mindfulness facilitator and experienced health professional. She supports leaders, service providers and individuals to manage behaviours of concern in the workplace and community.

Jen holds a Master of Health Administration from Curtin University, a Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) and is a Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

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