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Russel Fisher


Russel Fisher

Russell is a strategist, facilitator, educator and ecologist. He draws on experience in the fields of science, education and organisational and community development to help clients problem-solve, and adapt with agility to challenges and change.

Russell is principal with ‘Reos Partners Australia’ – global leaders in the art and science of systemic change. Through his work, Russell has developed a broad set of systems and stakeholder engagement, problem solving and consulting skills. Russell’s strength is his ability to think strategically, listen deeply, and create a space that encourages imagination, new mindsets, and diverse thinking.

As a facilitator, Russell has worked with hundreds of leaders from rural and regional industries and communities. He is adept at communicating with people often engaged in highly practical industries, while understanding the highly variable forces that challenge Australian agriculture and other rural sectors.

Internationally, Russell has worked with organisations in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East, helping them navigate complexity, solve problems, and build capacity to lead change. A number of his strategic projects have helped his clients win national awards in training and development, sustainability and community action on climate change.

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