Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Initiative

The Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Initiative strengthens and improves rural communities’ ability to adapt or transform in response to changing temperatures and seasons and increased rainfall variability. Giving you and your community leadership skills to prepare for the next drought.

Prepare your community

Apply for a Community Impact Grant from the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal and deliver a $200,000-$500,000 project. Available in 35 regions.​ Read more.

Leadership skills for your community

Exclusive leadership development activities for Community Impact Grant recipients and their communities. Read more.

Prepare yourself​

Connect with someone outside of your circle, share experiences and knowledge in a relationship based on trust with the National Mentoring Program. Available nation-wide.​ Read more.

Connect for support​

Connect with people & organisations from across the country to learn together and brainstorm solutions. Available nation-wide. Read more.

Make a small difference​

Apply for a Small Grant from the FRRR of up to $20,000 to develop and deliver a one-off event. Read more.

Get specialist help​

Exclusive access to specialist expertise for grant recipients needing help activating their project.​ Read more.

Investing in people

Consisting of grants in 35 regions, leadership development, mentoring, and networking, the Initiative invests in people and projects, strengthening community and support networks for improved economic, environmental and social wellbeing.

It is a continuation of the Drought Resilience Leaders Development and Mentoring programs and delivered in partnership with the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal and supported by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Delivered in partnership with

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